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Driver 2 Changed Orders

Mobi_ButtonGlobally networked communication, transnational networks, new actor constellations and tectonic power shifts are becoming increasingly important. The relationship between transnationally mobile actors (including investors and companies, international NGOs, refugees) and stationary actors (such as governments, vulnerable populations) has begun to move. New communication technologies, for example, allow many and very different actors to network and act transnationally.

Central issues which the ICB addresses are, for example, how transformation alliances and strategies are designed to implement the 2030 Agenda and what "transformative governance" is. New highly dynamic relationships stand in the way of maintaining manifest and previously established demarcations. They require novel problem solutions, governance structures and processes. The changing systems of order and networking are reflected in a field of tension between the persistence, dissolution and renegotiation of borders, authorities, sovereignties and responsibilities. In this area, the ICB will focus its research on the particular importance of "mobility and migration" and thus focus on people's actions.

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