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Driver 1 - Technological Transformations


Digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, the creation of virtual spaces and infrastructures, the convergence of AI and neurobiology will create labor markets that will fundamentally change the international division of labor, social systems, societies and science systems like the technological upheavals at the beginning of the industrial revolution Transition to the 19th century. The discussions around the term "Industry 4.0" are just a prelude to adequately understand these far-reaching dynamics in order to shape them. These pushes of innovation touch all dimensions of the 2030 Agenda in a fundamental sense. However, the objectives contained in the 2030 Agenda hardly address this issue. Up to now, sustainability research has only marginally investigated it or not at all. 

Research at the ICB has the capacity to play a pioneering role in this area. The focus will be on "digitalization and artificial intelligence", which the ICB not only investigates, but also innovates, e.g. in bioeconomy.

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