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Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB)

About the Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB)


The Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research stands for a transdisciplinary approach to sustainability research. Sustainability research should take place in a direct exchange and dialogue with policy makers and stakeholders from economy and civil society on local and global levels. As a platform for macrosocial work on a sustainable future, the Bonn Alliance establishes the Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB). Actors with diverse backgrounds are invited to introduce their ideas, their expert knowledge and perspectives and work together on sustainability topics of mutual interest and relevance.


Research Focus

 Digi_SymbolDigitalization and Artificial Intelligence


Mobi_Symbol Mobility and Migration




Global Change and Systemic Risks


Global Change and Systemic Risks (Prof. Dr. Jakob Rhyner)

Sustainable Consumption (Kathleen Jacobs)






Digitalization and Sustainability

digitainableDr. Shivam Gupta (Researcher)

Dr. Mahsa Motlagh (Researcher)


Collaborative Projects of the Bonn Alliance

002Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Expert Workshops on "Climatemigration"

One Health and Digitalization




Campus Klein-Altendorf (CKA)









Transdisciplinary Research Areas of the University of Bonn

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Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Futures

International Doctorate Program at Center for Development Research (ZEF)


Voices on the ICB

DörnerThe Bonn Alliance Council on the Innovation Campus Bonn (ICB)


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